When we talk about instant payday loan we usually come to mind to get a loan in an instant with which we can request small amounts of money without moving from the couch.

Online loans to get € 5,000 or more

Those that until barely a year ago seemed impossible now is becoming fashionable. Banks are making accessing credit easier and easier. Nowadays we can ask for a personal loan without even changing banks and getting more financing than fast loans. With some personal loans online you do not even need to pay your salary.

Here we show you some personal loans online where it is not necessary to have the payroll domiciled :

1.- Orange loan

With the ING Orange Loan, we can get financing of up to € 40,000 for the purpose we want. This online loan has no commission and its interests are among the lowest in the market, at 6.95% TIN (7.18% APR). Once the online application is sent in a few minutes we will be able to know if our loan is, in principle, accepted. The best thing about this online loan is that it is not necessary to pay the payroll in ING, simply by opening an Orange Account to get the loan, it will be enough; This account also has no commissions.

2.- Cofidis Project Credit

The Cofidis Project Credit offers several personalized online loans for each project that we want to carry out, each one with special characteristics that will make them adapt perfectly to our situation. In addition, it is not necessary to change banks to apply for a personal loan at Cofidis. One of the loans with better conditions is the specific one for studies:

Project Studies Credit: with this personal loan we will be able to finance our future, it serves to pay the tuition of the university or of a master’s degree. We can get up to € 15,000 at a nominal interest of 4.95 %.

The main advantage of Cofidis is that we can continue to have the same bank accounts, without the need to open another current account or domicile any payroll. In addition, it does not have any binding or obligatory insurance.

Personal loans with optional links

As a general rule, the more linkages personal loans have, the more expensive it can be for us, however, Santander has changed that and promotes its Auto Loan with which the interest rate for each linked product we hire decreases. With this loan, we can get up to € 90,000 for the purchase of a new or semi-new car.

The auto loan offers several bonding options and with each one of them we can get discounts in the nominal interest rate:

  • Home Payroll / Social Security: -2%
  • Domiciliar 3 receipts (quarterly charge): -0.50%
  • 3 quarterly payments with your credit or debit cards: -0.50%

If we decide to make the linkages the loan interest will be 6.25% TIN (7.05% APR), if we prefer not to have any connection the online loan will cost 9.25% TIN (10.31% APR) )

Nowadays, getting a personal loan is easier than just a few months ago, there is a great variety of offers of all kinds, both for large projects and for small amounts for contingencies that may arise and that need extra liquidity. In addition, with more and more advantages to enjoy and lower interests. If we are thinking of contracting to finance for our project, we must first compare all the offers in the market to be able to choose the one that best suits our profile.