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Illusion Reopening pics online

Illusion reopened this weekend and of course, Lazer was there to celebrate this great event! Check out the pictures

Retro-Acid rebroadcast on Radio Kozzmozz

Tonight the 28th November we are rebroadcasting the Retro-Acid party special. Expect sets from Arkanoid, G-Force, Spacid and Acid Junkies. Press read more for more information
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Various pictures online

Various picture galleries online:
10/11/04 – Defected in the House – Industria
29/10/04 – The-sound.be – Factory
27/10/04 – Nacht van de Student – Antwerpen

30/10/04 Saturday: MetroTechno Special

Yes indeed we are spoiling the techno lovers this weekend, Friday we are rebroadcasting the sets of YTC on Radio Kozzmozz and this Saturday 30/10/04 we are rebroadcasting on Lazer House the sets we recorded at MetroTechno
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29/10/04 YTC Rebroadcast

Last Friday, there was a blast of a party, called YTC Party organised by Poppunt and Kozzmozz who celebrated their Young Talent Corner anniversary. Off course Lazer was there and we broadcasted LIVE on Radio Kozzmozz. This Friday 29/10/04 we are rebroadcasting those sets on Radio Kozzmozz.
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Pictures Lazer at Kali online

23/10/04 threw Lazer a little party in a local youth caf� in Boechout. We and the other guests had a great time! Don’t believe us? Check out the pictures in our gallery or come to one of the next editions! More about it later.

Pictures of YTC party online

The pictures of YTC party organized by Kozzmozz and Poppunt are online on our site. As always you can find them in our pictures section.
For those who didn’t listen to our live stream this Friday and for those who were there, we are rebroadcasting the sets next week on Lazer Kozzmozz!

Pictures MetroTechno online

We’re still recovering from the weekend but we managed to get our MetroTechno pictures ready for you. You can find them in our pictures section. Soon you’ll find on Lazerhothits an interview with Juan Sanchez, a review of the party and last but not least: rebroadcast of the sets recorded at MetroTechno. So make sure you check our site frequently if you don’t want to miss a thing!

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Interview with Henrik B online

In the very near future, we are going to update our evening programme on Lazer House. One of the new shows, called Source Code, a monthly techno show featuring an exclusive mix by an (inter)national techno DJ. First to kick off is Henrik B of Sweden and we had a quick chat with him. You can check the result in our interview section.